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Footprint Kingfoam Flat Insoles Hopps colab


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Every time you take a step or land from a jump, impact energy shoots into your body. Small repetitive amounts accumulate and lead to soreness while large amounts cause injury such as internal bleeding /bruising. The result is a sore body that takes longer to heal and cannot perform at optimal levels.

For decades, insole companies have not been able to address this issue. They have simply marketed their products with the word “cushioning” however there is a huge difference between cushioning and energy absorption.

The most premium of insoles may feel very cushioning however when put to the test it is easily shown that the energy of impact still passes through, thus accomplishing nothing more than comfort and not truly aiding the athlete.

FOOTPRINT INSOLE TECHNOLOGY insoles contain a nano technology which reacts to impact energy by transferring it into a different state ( heat) before it can reach the body. The heat is no hotter than body temperature so you feel nothing.


FOOTPRINT INSOLE TECHNOLOGY insoles have literally revolutionized sports insoles for all athletes.

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